ALOHA! En este taller queremos transparentar nuestra forma de hacer este trabajo, cómo construir marca y cómo atraer a los novios que te interesan. Queremos hacerlo muy personal y transparente y por eso nos vamos 2 días a VALPO, para poder tener el tiempo de ver sus webs y su trabajo, ver en qué están fallando o qué pueden mejorar para atraer a sus novios ideales.

WEDDINGS FULL OF FREEDOM, good vibes, laughing and dancing mood everywhere. This is what we call alternative weddings. Are we suggesting classic weddings are boring?. Probably we do!! . So this page is for you to sneak a peak, but feel free to stalk the rest of the site.


“We need to appreciate that being different is not the same as being wrong. A ‘wrong’ answer is just a different answer, a different perspective which could be used to address the issue differently. Unfortunately, our obsession with the ‘right’ answer makes it difficult to see the importance of an alternative answer.”


YES, TO CHOOSE THE RICHTERS AS A NAME IS BECAUSE THE RICHTERS SCALE. YOU CAN´T AVOID HUGE AMOUNTS OF ENERGY. WHEN WE MET IN MEXICO IN 2017, WE COULDN´T AVOID TO HAVE A CRUSH. A HUGE EARTHQUAKE. We are Monica (BERLIN wedding photographer) and Pol (BERLIN wedding videographer). Living in Berlin but traveling the world with our work. Proudly we can say we are internationally acclaimed. Award-winning babes , we gave conferences, wedding workshops, you can read about us in internet. Before The Richters (before we became real life lovers), we had our own websites. My site was Feelandfilm. and Mónica had a project called The wild brides where you can check a lot of weddings. Our stories as the Richters are here .

FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US – FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US -FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US -FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US -FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US -FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US -FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US . You can also check some of our adventures around the planet here. Last but not least, we never do styled shootings or fake weddings. We don´t believe in that, instead that, real life couples with real love stories. Now we show you some pictures about alternative brides and grooms and if you are one of them and you want us to do your Berlin wedding photography and video, don´t hesitate to drop us a msg.

The Richters.