WHEN WE THINK OF WEDDINGS, PROBABLY COMES TO OUR MINDS CHEESY CLICHES ABOUT BEING ROMANTIC. BUT WHAT HAPPEN WHEN SOME WEDDINGS ARE A BIT MORE BIZARRE, ALTERNATIVE OR EVEN HAVE SENSE OF HUMOUR? THIS IS A COLLECTION OF OUR WORK AFTER A FEW YEARS DOING WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO. Wild brides, totally wasted guests, drunk grooms, extreme dancing, alcohol drinking ceremonies, kids, dogs, puke, panty, freaks. Just 100% real weddings. We find weddings as an anthropological study about how couples deal with how they want to get married and how finally they get married. Alternative people with a strong personality having finally a standard classic wedding. Some others do what they want. This photography selection is about them.

bride and groom drinking champagne from the bottle