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Weddings abroad

Hello!! We are Monica and Pol, we are wedding photographer and videographer. A destination wedding consist in getting married abroad. Some people do this because is cheaper, nicer or just because will be warmer weather. We offer a big experience doing weddings abroad.

We don´t want you to explain how to get married abroad. Focus more in how it looks is what we want. Legally speaking, the most of these weddings are just symbolic. Usually couples get married abroad by being legally married before. At the end to have a wedding abroad is more about the experience and spend a few days enjoying with your beloved ones. And this is where we got the expertise. We know how to do destination wedding photography and videography. If you need information about how to choose a wedding photographer, read this post we’ve made for you.

bride and groom going out their wedding ceremony in barcelona


Probably Barcelona is the number one Mediterranean city to have a destination wedding in Europe. The province speaks about food, warm weather, vineyards and heritage. We love working there and we´ve been to many times. Usually couples rent a villa (called Masias) and spend the weekend which means swimming pool, good food, Sunday brunch. A whole experience. What we like the most is that at end is about to expend a short holidays with your best friends and family. As a result weddings abroad is happiness, relax and joy. You can find some of our top Barcelona wedding venues here.


Another favourite area to get married abroad is France. The south part of the country is ranking high for the destination wedding world. Usually it has a good weather and of course the food, the champagne and these beautiful chateaus. For the Mediterranean lovers, the south east side is the right one. Next you can watch two very different wedding styles. You can read about how to get married in different places here .

happy couple enter in to their wedding salon


This is only a veeeery short review about how it could be to get married abroad. If you are thinking in doing it, we can help you creating your memories of your experience. Please have a look to our site here and let us know if you need some more info.