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This year started with lot`s of movement, we were invited to speak and give wedding photography workshops in different parts of the planet, which for us is a very crazy thing, to be invited only to give our vision about this business and explain how we do this work and why, but we do it in the most honest way we can. On February we started the year with The Nomad Experience in Morocco!  you can see that crazy, intense adventure HERE!

the eyes of a girl with a burka

Then, we went to Barcelona to the Lolapalooza of the wedding photography conferences, The Rural workshop (now The CreFest) That Conference is a different one, cause everyone stays in the same place, in a camping near Barcelona, It`s more relax than the other conferences, more party people. We done a 3 hours workshop, two days in a row, it was fun, a little hangover, but the group of people was very nice. There we shared the stage with amazing people like Josee Lamarre , The Ferros, Rafal Bojar among others.

a man using a baloon as a dick in his pants
fireworks at the beach in barcelona wedding conference
shooting in the rural wedding conference barcelona
ring of fire in a photoshoot at the beach

By the end of March, BodaF Barcelona ask us to host the biggest Wedding photo conference in Europe!

portrait of the hosts of bodaf the richters

Hosting a conference is a crazy feeling! and we put more pressure on that, we create 2 videos laughing about our industry, we think we are way too serious about this job… so we open the Conference with a video laughing about wedding photography in a room full of 600 wedding photographers, that was the most nervous thing ever! but everyone laughed super hard! so mission accomplished.

picture of us hosting bodaf taking a selfie

There were amazing speakers at BodaF like Franck Boutonnet, Rocío Vega, our friends Pablo Laguía and Serafín Castillo, Sean and Melanie Flanigan, Phil Chester and Sara Byrne among others.

Then we traveled to Chile to visit my family and shoot a couple of weddings and we gave an intense Workshop at the beach, 3 days with the assistants, 20 people in 2 houses, barbecue, pizzas, photo exercises, laughs, a lot of fun, thank you so much to all the people involved in those 3 days.

portrait group shot of the chilean workshop
wedding photography workshop in chile

And finally, we went to Paris to give our third workshop hosted by Regard D`Auteur We already feel in home when we gave workshops there, and this group was incredible, we had an amazing time, playing in Montmartre, shooting in the face of people, finding the decisive moment, shooting in the subway, etc. Was a real pleasure!

group picture of the richters workshop in paris 2019
photo exercise of the workshop in Paris
photo exercise of the workshop in Paris
portrait group shot of the parisian workshop
portrait group shot of the parisian workshop
reviews from one of the students in paris
reviews from one of the students in paris

And in October we were invited to Portugal to give a speech and a master class in the Inspiration Photographers Conference in Aveiro, so much honored to be there!

inspiration photographers conference portugal poster


student of the parisian workshop show us his but