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Wedding photographer Berlin

Hi, this post is made for those who get married in Berlin and look for the best wedding photographer Berlin they can have. We are Moni and Pol, two lovers living in Berlin, doing an alternative approach to the wedding storytelling. Actually we don´t like to say “alternative”. Somehow seems to be the right tag when talking about doing things in another way that is not the classic.

We try to do something real, honest and mostly happy. For some reasons, weddings still being represented in a melancholic way or like an epic battle or so stiff. For us a wedding is happiness and celebration. No dark mood and forcing what is not happening, for us is document what it is in front of us.

couple walking for the streets of berlin

We are real photographers

So if you are tired of googling and always getting the same moody brown filter pictures, Iceland cliffs and all this stuff that has nothing to do with you and your wedding, welcome to honestland. As wedding photographer Berlin, we are here to document your day and who you are in the way you guys are. You just should worry about having fun, celebrate love and laugh all day long.

smoke bomb at the party

We are not wedding photographers in Berlin, we are just a photographer and a videographer in your wedding. Enjoying photography and videography is a must for us, we shoot eeeeeveryday, we document our lives ( For instance daily life in 35mm) . The only way to document properly a wedding is to understand how life is and documenting it every day.

When you know what are you doing and the real meaning of what you have in front of you, you are free to documenting in an honest way and you can really flow with the situation, understanding family and friends dynamics, feeling the energies and capturing it in the best way.

You can see our work as wedding photographer Berlin here and gossip around and if you need more info, talk to us, we can have a wine (or 3) around the corner.

Much love.
The Richters.