In the end, you make the video and the photos. If you do not live to the fullest, if you don´t lose yourself to dance, if you don´t squeeze when you hug, if you don´t laugh until the belly hurts, if your speeches are not full of emotions, we have nothing to tell.


Our photo style comes from street and live music photography. In video we like to experiment constantly. We both agree reality itself is already intense enough to fake it. To have fun in your wedding is a must for us, actually there are no you-us, there is just WE.

Lettering Party



We want to document who you are by knowing who you are. We don’t like poses (we don´t need it). We want to see THE REAL YOU in the pictures. We want to really reflect your day, your life, your memories. We want to be a real part of the experience. You better be yourself. We know how to catch it.


JPEG mini came to Berlin and filmed this