Top 10 wedding venues in Barcelona


barcelona wedding venues

Wedding venues in Barcelona (or nearby)

Ahoy!! According with our own experience these are some of the nicest wedding venues in Barcelona we´ve been working. As wedding photographer and videographers in Barcelona, we can give you our tips about where to get married. It all depends on what you need, some of them are more castle like and some other like big houses. You can sleep in almost every of these placese and usually you can accommodate a good bunch of people and enjoy a few days.

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Our list

There is no particular order or criteria in this list, some of them have more boho-rural vibes and some other more luxury style. However we know these places and we like them!! . We really believe that choosing the right venue can help to achieve the right wedding experience. Pretty often couples love to enjoy the facilities over the weekend: swimming pool but also vineyard tours. So here you have some of the best wedding venues in Barcelona.

Barcelona Wedding Photographer and Videographer

We have plenty of experience doing wedding photography and videographer in these wedding venues in Barcelona for many years. We know the city and the surroundings. It has everything to celebrate your wedding: The Mediterranean sea, the food, the mountains full of vinyards. Proudly we can talk about the awards we got and the conferences and workshops we´ve made around the world. Ten years of experience is really something important we can give. You can check here some of these venues in our work as wedding photographers.

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The Richters.