That`s the word we use to describe what was The Nomad Experience Workshop

How to explain what it was to put 35 photographers in a big house and tents in the middle of the desert of Merzouga in Morocco, with cold nights, beers, crazy landscapes, camels, dunes, bonfires, Berbers, messenger pigeons, oasis, ruins, beautiful models, make up artists, bridal dresses designers and crazy people.

That was the wedding photography workshop in Morocco.

We want you to understand what it was, so we made a little resume in 35mm film, polaroids, video and also digital to show you…

Just scroll down and see.


First stop: is forbidden to drink alcohol here, but this group of people didn`t hesitate to stop by in the middle of the road in the first liquor store we found… Thanks God we had the best driver and the best team in our jeep! rehab people here! LOL

7 hours from Fes airport in direction to Argelia, in the middle of nowhere the driver turns and get right into the dunes, we thought he is going to kill us or rape us! hahah but then, our home for the next week appears in the middle of the dunes, thank God! hahaha This was our Berber tent… sadly we only spent 2 nights there cause it was freezing , but we took our mattress and invaded Serafín Castillo and Ote`s room, which was even better!!

DAY ONE: 5 jeeps driving like crazy in through the dunes, they took us to the first set to make a shooting, it was like in a movie.

And then we arrived at an amazing Berber Camp, Immacle Novias was there with her beautiful dresses while Ote and El Baul de Ruth made the make up for the shooting. The model for that day was the most gorgeous girl Selena!

DAY TWO: That was the turn of Serafín Castillo, every day was a different speaker, we were the last ones. Serafín and Ote becomes, after this workshop experience, close friends of us, so thanks a million Amanda for this. The stage for Sera was dunes with camels and a bonfire in the middle of Merzouga desert, so here we go.

He took us this beautiful gold polaroid portrait

And the final part of the day, a bonfire with camels in the middle of Merzouga desert, WHERE the hell are we????

DAY 3: Juanlu & Ernesto was the MC`s of the third day, they spoke about editing but first The Nomad Experience took us to the first city in Morocco named Bni M’Hamed Sijel Mass, ruins lost in the middle of nowhere, a complete madness. The model was the stunning Sabina and Selena.

DAY 4: A day off we went to a OASIS, like in the movies, and made a picnic there, we also saw messenger pigeons and played some football too.

DAY FIVE: Our day has come! In the morning we gave a speech about our statement and what we think about this business, how we hate how moody, cold and posed wedding photography has become, how we want to exalt the personality of each couple and do a honest work, more pure for every couple who hires us, leave testimony of a day of their life.

And after that It was our turn to make a photoshoot, and we hate photoshoots! hahaha

We thought it was a good idea to give each people time to make an exercise with the couple, we gave each participant a mission and 3 minutes to do it. In this part, the models were Sabina and Sergio.

And after that we made the shooting in our way. So Selena and Pau was our couple, we went to an old abandoned gas station in the middle of the road and they drove an old motorcycle, ended up dancing in a blue smoke bomb, full action, no posing, getting the real personality of the guys.

And this is the crazy person who made all this real, thank you Amanda for all your effort, for your hard work, we know that this was the first Nomad Experience, with a lot of stress, but it was insane! so we are super proud to be one of the pioneers in this adventure, an INTENSE adventure.