Photo video session in Berlin

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Photo video session in Berlin

If you are looking for creating a lot of amazing memories in a photo video session in Berlin in the most natural and funny way, we are here for you. We are Monica and Pol, photographer and videographer. With ten years experience creating beautiful and vivid memories for a lot of people around the world, we are honored to talk about our work in a dozens of conferences and workshops. You can check it out here. If you need information about how to choose a photographer, read this post we´ve made for you. Also once you are here, please follow us in Instagram to find some other information.

In a natural way

One of the most awkward moments doing photo sessions is to pose for pictures. We try to make the session in the most natural way. No posing, just trying to enjoy and have fun. Is the only way to get real and vivid memories. We only need from you to have fun and we do the rest.

For this photo video session in Berlin we are try to get the best out of you. We will get your real personality. Is a question of empathy. We are used to connect with people in order to get the best spontaneous moments.

How do we do it?

To do a proper photo video session in Berlin, first we meet in a cool spot (can be the classics or a mix with our favs ones) and start to warm up, get to know each other, some pictures here and there, some jokes and laughing. Then we walk (bike ride, taxi or public transport) to the next spot. We can stop for a drink or whatever you need. We want you to be comfortable.

Our mission is to deliver a lot of nice memories. We will give you a lot of pictures and also a short video (Between 3-5 min) . Nobody doubts about the emotional power of the video and the pictures. You can also have an album with some of the best pictures and for sure you can use it to sharing with your beloved ones. High quality content for your social media. We love analog photography too, so if you like we can take some 35mm film too to add some Berlin vintage vibe.

Don´t hesitate to contact us (and also gossip the whole website) here . We will send you all the info about it. Do you want to read about how to choose a wedding photographer?. We’ve wrote this post with plenty of info and not to fail choosing your photographer.

Con mucho amore,
Pol & Monica
The Richters.