Nobody could predict a pandemic like this. Besides all kind of conspiracy theories, the thing is we need to stay home to be safe. We have all the time in the world to spent looking for stuff to do, watch, etc. For all the fellow photographers (and also videographers) we created a selection of photography documentaries about the true masters: See behind their work, know their thoughts, what they lived to become who they are today… In no particular order, we hope you enjoy and learn a lot as we do!!


This is one of the best photography documentaries for me, it`s a Youtube gift . Here you can see the real person behind the iconic pictures, and you can confirm that his photos are exactly the reflection of his personality. We are in love with William Klein, Pol talk to him in person in a exhibition he made in Berlin and took a photo of him.

william klein at his expo in C/O berlin

CONTACTS is a series dedicated to different photographers like Nan Goldin, Diane Arbus, Garry Winogrand, Sophie Calle, Cartier Bresson. This one, in particular, is subtitled in Spanish. Nan Goldin is my favorite photographer, her rawness, her honesty. Her pictures have no adornments, is just REAL LIFE, that`s what I love of her work (Moni)

This is a very interesting docu about Diane Arbus’s work. The family of Diane`s found records of a Japanese student of Diane who record the classes to translate them later, so in this docu you hear the words of Diane read by another person, explaining how she works, why she does it and how she does it. Just amazing and has Spanish subtitles.

One of the best documentaries about war photographers is the one of James Nachtwey named WAR PHOTOGRAPHERS, (it was removed from youtube) where he puts a camera on top of his camera and took us with him to the war, you can hear the click every time he shot, feel his sorrow; understand the evil of the world. Here is a TED talk of him talking about his experience.

I discovered Lourdes Grobet a long time ago and I love her! . I always feel attraction for the freak world and if there is something that I love is to put freak things in a normal situation, and Lourdes made that, she photographed the masters of wrestling in a normal situation, like in the living room of their houses, feeding their children, etc. It`s an amazing work of 30 years documenting the wrestling scene of Mexico. BEAUTIFUL!

I`m photographing my own curiosity. Joel Meyerowitz explaining his work. I never found the complete documentary, but is an interesting piece.

Two crazy photographers. Martin Parr interviewing Bruce Guilden. Fun, honest and interesting conversation between two friends about their work. Bruce explains why he choose their characters to photograph and other things.

Henri Cartier Bresson analyzes his own work, describe his pictures and what is behind them, what he pursued, what he likes to photograph, and gives a lot of tips to photograph. Subt. in Spanish.

Full movie about the incredible story behind Vivien Maier. English with subtitle in Spanish.

An awesome documentary about Robert Frank. Honest, direct, raw… just everything we love. Click in the image to see it.

Now a serious moment, drugs, addictions, desolation. Darcy Padilla is a great contemporary photographer (I share the stage with her in my first Fearless Conference, and we loved each other )  and this is a super intense documentary about a family. I love how she mixes the formats, video, analog, and you can see the time passes through the docu. 

Extra Bonus: We love Charles Bukowski, this is about him, he had an intense life. Subtitles in Spanish.


Graciela Iturbide, the Mexican photographer analyze her work, told us her story, her relation with Manuel Álvarez Bravo, her relation with death and birds. How she starts her works, her tips to start a project. This is in Spanish with English subtitles.

We discover this documentary few days ago. It`s about the incredible story behind a reporter of the most awful news of the paper. He is the Weegee of Mexico, his composition, his pictures are incredible… and his story is amazing, please take a look at the story behind Enrique Metidines. Click in the picture.

enrique metinides

I think this no needs extra info, is a documentary about the life and work of Sebastian Salgado made by the great Wim Wenders.


The incredible story behind Vivian Maier. John Maloof bought a box full of negatives in a flea market; when he saw what was in those negatives he becomes crazy, It was amazing stuff… so he discovered who is behind that amazing work.

This is a beautiful letter that Sergio Larrain, the unique Chilean photographer from Magnum, sends to his nephew when he wants to become a photographer.

Here we go with the great Alberto García-Alix, a spanish photographer who documented “la movida madrileña”, the 80s spanish cultural movement after Franco´s dictatorship finished.


WE LOVE MUSIC and MOVIES and of course we also have some stuff about this. First is my favorite rock stars photographer of all time, the one and only Anton Corbijn. All rockstars passed by in front on his lens (U2, depeche mode, bowie, madonna, rem, rolling stones, etc….). He is specially well know probably because his B&W pictures and the way he composed the characters in the frame and using the backgrounds. (A secret: He shoots around 1/60th speed to get his poetic blurriness). He also made movies.

Annie.. the woman who survived touring with the Rolling Stones. You can also buy her masterclass here.

He is another of the greatest music photographers. You can watch the documentary of this crazy guy in Netflix. MICK ROCK!!!

Another photographer of the star system. He portraited everybody!! A true master of the portrait. Also you can find a short tutorial about how he lights.



Our humble contribution to this list of photography documentaries is our own work. We are very proud that we finally made the site of our parallel brand The Raw Angels with our personal work. It was very difficult for us to have the confidence to show all these pictures that we take for ourselves, to remember everything, to not forget anything, but finally, we made it. And also this year we published our first photobook with Metalibro editorial, you can check it here and we launched two documentaries. Check our website just click the picture below. The Ig account here.

And one last surprise!: our documentaries!
Both have subtitles in Spanish, you only have to activate them in the cc that appears in the image.

There are thousands of amazing instagram accounts full of inspiration, so makes you a favor and put in silence everything relates to weddings and open your head to a world of incredible images. You can click in every picture and discover their work.

kate bell


If you want to check some good stuff in video, try Nowness , Short of the Week or Vimeo Pick Stuff. Just click the pictures. We are really fan of real (celluloid film), follow the Kodak Motion Film account to discover amazing short movies.



How and why Bruce Guilden works the way he does.

Joel Meyerowitz analyzing how his life change when he knew Robert Frank. It`s so beautiful to see how a photographer describes with such tender and admiration the work of his colleague and tells how his life change when he met Robert.


NAN GOLDIN INTERVIEW https://americansuburbx.com/2018/04/nan-goldin-becomes-one.html

Análisis of The American´s exhibition at The National Gallery of Art. Here you can see the pictures and some contact sheets.


Mario Testino interviewing William Klein

This is a very funny round table between Joan Fontcuberta and Cristina De Middel, you just jump to 0:22 min, that`s when the fun part starts. This is in spanish.

Antoine D`Agata is a super interesting character, he is dark, intense… and his work is a reflection of himself.

Seeing Through Photographs. Moma free course.

A new discovery for us is the amazing Peter Beard and his notebooks full of imagination and details. We are in love of this.


Interview of Nan Goldin

nan goldin




roland barthes

The book is in Spanish

susan sontag

This book is in Spanish too

This book is in English. I don`t like it so much, but a lot of people love it, so I share it anyways. It`s very easy to read.

steal like an artist

We hope this collection of photography documentaries works for you guys!!. Remember to stay home!!
Con mucho amore,
The Richters.