A real wild and crazy wedding at a french barn, they really rock it out!

First! Go to see our vision of this wedding HERE!

It`s super stressful to make photos and videos for a wedding photographer! but.. not in this case, we met Marion in Fearless Conference in Budapest last year, and now we were part of hers & Audran`s super wild, crazy wedding in an amazing barn , the place`s name is Coco Barn Wood Lodge , and is in Angresse, France. We had a blast making the documentary, you only need to take a look to know why, pools, friends in hotpants officiating the ceremony, friends dancing till death (literally speaking)… We only regret the hangover we had driving to the airport the morning after. Thanks a lot Marion & Audran. If you want to check more weddings have a look HERE

“One thing we really love is when the whole wedding happens in one place, all people are more relax… even better if there is a pool with inflatable flamingos”

woman jumping to into the pool with open legs

You can notice when someone has true friends, they are like family, in this relax wedding everything was about friendship.

“Happy brides! laughing with open mouths! AMEN!”

When your friends officiate your ceremony, but they appear by surprise dressing in hotpants, with a leather jacket, half-naked, chewing gum using cowboy hats… thanks universe! we felt in the right place.

A wedding is a day to share happiness, in Audran and Marion`s wedding everyone was crying, but crying for happiness!

friends giving speaches in french wedding
crazy wedding ceremony
bride and groom throwing champagne after the ceremony
crazy women dancing in a french wedding in a barn
man dancing in the rain in a french wedding
crazy wild bride dancing
crazy wild people dancing in french wedding in a barn
people dancing with sparkles surrounding bride and groom
bride running in to the bushes
fuck off hand