Wedding Photography Workshop Paris 2018



There are hundreds of photography workshops. Many promises to give you the key to success. In the rest they promise that you will have a lot of material for your portfolio. Well … we think that is cheating.Cheating the ones who attend and cheating the who is going to hire you in the future. First because the couples are going to shoot in the workshop are not your real clients, second it is an invented perfect scenario and third because it means that you do not have the experience with real couples ….

We believe in teaching you how to fish and not give you the fish in your mouth?.

For that we do exercises, this workshop is not about us shooting and teaching you how to pose a couple like us, because we suck at it! .We believe in learn by doing, in teaching theory and applying it. Is about pushing your own limits, going to face them in the street, looking at your website and seeing what’s wrong. We like to do it that way, very personal. Then you go home knowing what you can change in your communication or in your work to reach people with whom you really reflect.

The wedding photography workshop in Paris was amazing!. The place: a studio in Montmartre two steps from the Sacre Cour?. Thibaut de Regard d`autor attending and helping us in all. The attendees full of energy, willing to participate. With such scenario, nothing could be wrong. It was a 3 days workshop:

The three days were about alternating theory with games in the street. Chronometer in hand, we went out to catch people, shoot them in the face and look for decisive moments (paying tribute to the land of Cartier Bresson). The beasts were free! We could not stop them, it was so much that even Mickael ended up taking a picture in her face without warning to a police officer!Hahaha unstoppable! We also had couples, we went out with them through the streets of Moulin Rouge and run in the subway. Everyone had their time to shoot, to look for their frames, they all ran, crazy!. They came out really good things!. We had amazing couples, sexy, companions, who made the task very easy!. Endless thanks to Benjamin and Estelle!

The 3 days we drink a lot of beers, we talk a lot and we reward the winners with incredible prizes from our sponsors Pic-time?, jpeg mini,

We can not ask for more and it is so much that we will repeat on 15-17 October, so if you want more info! just write us here! 

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