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Offbeat brides are better!!

Nothing like to be in an alternative wedding with an offbeat bride. More than just being you enjoy in one of these weddings. Alternative weddings are full of joy, freedom, color and cool vibes. It´s a fact, offbeat brides are just the best. We are here to spread our love to them!!

Offbeat brides  are free-spirited people and we adore this. Do you realize offbeat brides looks usually more radiant than traditional ones. Classic normal weddings somehow doesn´t have this cool vibes. Are we just suggesting traditional wedding are not that joyful?. Sure!! Hahaha.

We have a long story with the wedding thing. Yes, we did also normal classic weddings but is not the same. Even the relationship with the couples are a bit.. cold?. Not because they are not nice to us but because we don´t really connect to them. For us is so important to connect with the couples. When you surround yourself with similar vibes, it works just better.

the most beautiful bride smile ever


I´m Pol (wedding video) and I have Moni (wedding photographer) by my side. We are partners in crime and life. Berlin based but traveling the world with the alternative weddings stuff. You can check our experience around the world here. Before The Richters project came to our minds, we had our own websites. My site was Feelandfilm. and Mónica was The wild brides. Some of uur stories as the Richters are here .

We never do styled shootings or fake weddings. We don´t believe in that, instead that, real life couples with real love stories. Now we show you some pictures about Offbeat brides . Are you one of them? Then you should talk to us. We know how to do to get your weddings vibes in the right way.

The Richters.