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London calling

Well well well, finally the day arrived. Long time waiting and excited about this Nine dots thing… No idea about what it was, just some rumors. Ok, now we know, The Gathering is mostly a playground for adults!!. The ping pong temple, the karaoke, jumping from one scenario to the other… But apart from that Nine Dots is Community, sharing, catching up, having fun, and getting wasted at the party. Being the ones who close the gathering was a real honor but also a real nightmare since you need to keep going and pretending you are ok with that for 3 days, hahahahah. We are happy that we really spoke with almost each one of you. Old friends, new friends. We just want to say thanks x 1000 for being there and supporting us. You guys are fucking amazing!!. Last but not least, how nice is it to take one of your couples to the conference party uh??? hahahaha. #elliotcassyforever . WE LOVE YOU!!!

We developed the films as fast as we can, so here is our summary of Love!

Eternally yours,
Moni & PoL