Mystic Seminars, Portland 2018



A trip to Portland, I just moved to Berlin one week before this trip from Chile, so 14 hours by plane, one week to rest and 14 hours to Portland, crossing the see two times in less than a month, but everything worth it!
BTW we lost our plane from London to Portland … Dont tell to Walter (the chief of Mystics!)
But we found tickets for the next day… hahaha
Mystics were in the center of Portland, we hang out with old friends like Victor Lax, Luis Garvan and meet new ones like Thierry Joubert, Jim Pollard, we had a great time playing bowling like pros, drinking beers, partying and listening stories from the other speakers. It was a really nice days.
After Mystic`s we made a road trip through the west coast from San Francisco to Las Vegas … but soon we show you that trip in pictures.

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