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We were invited to speak at Convention ANFM in Matera, Italy. When we saw that we have to share the stage with photographers that are icons for us, that we follow them and learned so much from them like David Alan Harvey, Guido Harari! and our new friends Ben & Erin from Chrisman Studios, we were terrified! but when they asked us to close the Convention… we just panic!

Matera is unbelievably beautiful, what a gift to get to know this city. A thousand thanks to Donatella, Damiano, and Flavio for thinking of us for this experience!

And so, the convention started! The first day was Ben & Erin’s turn. What a discover was to meet these two! After their talk, we had amazing lunches, dinners, drinks, and incredible conversations about life that we are not going to forget, also our hotel rooms were side by side, so how can we forget the knocking on the wall to say good night 😉 BENJAMINNNNNN! enough is enough!!! lol.

Life sometimes gives you gifts, and we can say for sure, that Guido Harari is a gift to us. As soon as we saw each other it was love at first sight, but after listening to Guido in his talk and watching his amazing work portraying all the people who have influenced us to be who we are today, musicians as incredible as The Clash, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Patty Smith, etc! and see how humble he is, even having photographed all these incredible people, having left a historical legacy and above all the humanity with which he photographs people… puff!! we have no words to thank this friendship that has been born and we hope to continue with projects that we already have in mind together.

And then… he portrayed us! What an amazing experience is to be in front of the camera, but mostly in front of Guido`s eye, we can’t wait to see what came out in those photos!. HARRRRRARIII WE LOVEYOU!

The third day was for this legend, David Alan Harvey He is one of my biggest references in photography, I grew up looking at his books, learning with them, and listening to all the youtube videos that I found. So many quotes that David said in his life that hit me so hard… How can I describe how emotional was to see this amazing photographer speaks about his work and get emotional while he is talking? And he brought the great Alejandra Martínez with him to speak about Burn Magazine, what an amazing couple, so generous and warm people.

I can not describe how emotional was to hear David’s presentation, but I think this picture of Guido hugging David can describe it better than words…. we cried like little childrens.

We really love these two pictures, how passionate these men are about photography, never stopping shooting, and enjoying while they portrayed humanity.

And finally the last day! our time to speak in front of all these people!! we were more than nervous. Thank you so much to our Ben Chrisman for these beautiful images!!

Here, after finishing our presentation. We can not express with words how we felt speaking in front of 250 people, feeling them cry, laugh, and clap, it`s such a crazy feeling to open your heart and feel that people are open too. And then, receive all of your messages and that line waiting to give us a hug or to say so many amazing things that we are going to keep in our hearts forever. Thank you sooo sooo much!

And we got fancy for the gala dinner and party!

And here is a little summary of the amazing messages we received.