Organize a wedding looks simple at first, but when you are in the middle of everything is a complete KAOS!

So if you are here is because you are planning a London Wedding and you need a London wedding photographer and videographer, and this is us. 

We are Mónica & Pol, we used to be The Wild Brides and Feel and Film, but now that we are partners in work and lovers in real life, we made this new brand together to share our vision.

Maybe our style looks a little crazy, but don`t worry we know that we have to leave testimony of every situation of the wedding. Yes, also make family portraits, so don`t worry we have a lot of experience. More than 100 weddings and we are super proud to say that all of our couples were super happy with the results.

family portraits

So, If you still have doubts,  we can make an skype date and know each other, drink a beer together while we chat about your wedding, we are very easy going people and the best london wedding photographer and videographer you can have.

Here a little more examples of our work, in case you still do not decide…

bride is taken in a wheelbarrow for the groom after the wedding ceremony

Don`t hesitate and send us a message HERE. You can check more of our work HERE.

The Richters