analog photography

One year ago JPEGMINI, a software for photographers (we are kind of ambassadors), contact us to ask if we want to star a brand inspirational video….

We thought at that moment: What in the hell are we going to show or say to motivate people?

But the JPEGmini guys told us, hey wait a minute, you Mónica were very brave when moving from Chile to Berlin and start from zero leaving behind your old brand The Wild Brides and start a new project. We thought “Oh.. well.. maybe you are right, maybe It`s true!”.

When I (Moni) moved to Berlin I didn`t hesitate about the reasons why I do it (madly in Love of this gipsy man, Pol, who lives in Berlin) but yes, I was super scared about my work, Was I going to be able to start from scratch? was I going to do well? people were going to accept my style of photos? they are going to like it?

bonnie and clyde

Tons of doubts…. but one thing I was very sure was that I`m very passionate about what I do, so I took the risk and here we are.

invitados bailando disfrazados

Our brand is now a solid brand in Europe, we gave a lot of conferences and workshops in different countries, we have the kind of couples we loved, and we are super happy living at the best city you can live, Berlin.

So sometimes you have to risk to live, a close friend always said “No Risk, No life”, and that`s true, don`t let the fear freeze you to move on.

For this video the people of JPEGMini comes to our place to shoot for 2 days, Eitan was in charge of that mission and he was great, we had an awesome time riding bikes, making shooting with a couple in the metro, on the streets… we felt super comfortable with him and we thought that he knew how to portrayed us exactly how we are, without adornments, just raw.

This video is a sweet way to show you that, and It`s a nice memory for us to never forget the moment we are living now. Thanks to all the people who support our work! And thanks for all the love that you send us!

Con mucho amore,
The Richters.