how do you do your job? Do you work alone? How long are you staying?

We move in the wedding as if we were one more guest.

We are not flashy, we are rather like ninjas, without interfering, this is the only way to get natural results.

We work alone.

We do not work for quantity of hours, but when we think the story is told completely.

Do you shoot long weddings? weddings that last more than a day?

Yes, in fact we love it because there are more moments to document and it allows us to know better your family dynamics. We like to be very close, so for us is ideal even being able to sleep near you.

We have to give you food?

Really? Should we ask this? Obviously yes, in fact the better you treat us better we work. This also includes drinks and dancing. This is a work of sentimental delivery if is not mutual does not work.

What factors can affect the result?

Lack of attitude, lack or attention, couples who do not show affection, unwillingly

kisses without love and half dances, people unwilling to celebrate. Couples who are not really enjoying their wedding.

The professionals that hinder our work, believing themselves as art directors for one day or they just think egoistically: maîtres, wedding planners and the typical uncle who debut his new camera. So please consider this when hiring us. 

That you get marry in a beautiful place but decides to make up in a dark ugly bathroom.

We love natural light, so weddings in dark places kill us our passion.

How long do you stay?

We do not work under a clock, we are not a 9 to 5 job office. We work to tell the whole story.

We leave when we feel we have the whole job.

At multi-day weddings, we like to sleep close to get stuck in the stories and not leave us details not counting.