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How can we know each other?

If we are in the same city lets meet for a drink and if not, lets skype and grab a drink anyway.

How is your style? What kind of weddings do you take? What inspires you?

Our style is honest, direct and without additives. We like and inspire by wild and crazy souls, honest and with attitude, rebels but above all friendly people.

We stay away from classic, cheesyness and protocols, from weddings where love is take it for granted, weddings where people are stiff and don`t really enjoying the day.

Do you do another type of work besides weddings?

Yes, in fact, we love music, documentaries, cinema and everything creative. We are open to document and create with people with our same soul. If you have a band, sure we can do something great! And if you have a band and get married, far better!

We also have another site with our personal work: http://therawangels.com/

What makes you different??

That we really get involved in your wedding as if we were a close friend, we want understand what is important for you. We do not want to use you as models for our Instagram fantasies or to win prizes, we really want to have fun. We truly see what is in front of us, not just trying to recreate over and over the same cheesy cliche. We are not just another vendor.

What do you like to photograph and film? What does not like?

We like to portray life in its fullness: people who really dance, hugs that hurt, wide open mouth laughs and words that come out from the heart. We love weddings where the people get totally involved into celebrating love and life.

We try to stay away from too much protocol, stiffy ways of thinking and living, classic cliches of love and romanticism.

Do you like to Travel? Countries where you work? Preferences?

Yes, in fact , we are always traveling. The more farther and weird the place the better. You know, the wedding in Bali, Japan, New Zealand or Tibet, any place that makes us experience the world a little more.

Do the prices include travel expenses? accommodation?

No, mostly because the travel expenses change depending on the place and the fact that usually weddings are booked around one year in advance and is difficult to predict some costs. What we do instead is to calculate an average price based in our experience so you don´t need to search and book for us. We will try always to keep it economic for you.

Do you Only offer digital? What about analogue and super 8?

No. Mostly digital but we love shooting in film, super 8mm, polaroid, in fact, we can tell your whole story in analog if you want.

What happens if a hurricane comes and takes you?

Tell the boys then that we loved them!! . Seriously, we have covered more than 160 weddings and we’ve never failed so far.

What languages do you speak?

Spanish, English, some Portuguese, some German but above all… we speak the universal language: When people really want to understand each other.

What does the job include?

More than 1000 photos in a digital gallery in high quality and without watermarks. A video about 5 minutes or a longer option of at least 12m plus a 2-3 min teaser . In the case of using film, it is delivered on paper. With the super 8 we deliver a video of 4-5 minutes.

How we book?

30% as a booking deposit and the rest around the wedding day. Paypal or Bank transfer is welcome.