Family photo & video session in Berlin

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Family photo & video session in Berlin

If you read this probably you want to have a family photo and video session in Berlin. The truth is that the value of a good family photoshoot is invaluable. Having the memories of your children and then seeing those photos and videos a few years later when they grow, is a sensation without rival. Even more, that your own children can see themselves when they were kids, is very emotional. See how you come along to your sister or brother, your old dog, the childhood room, the favorite toy.

niño loco jugando con el agua

I’m crying!!! it is much more than I expected !!. It is really different when we see ourselves like this … my heart clenches. Thank you for so much dedication and love in what you do. It is perceived so much that it excites. Thank you again. They are an extraordinary couple. They radiate so much good vibes and complicity that it is impossible not to get that happiness.

Nathalia García

No posing, just natural photos

We are Mónica Muñoz and Pol, we have been doing wedding photography and video for many years. We also like a good family photo session with video. Our biggest challenge is to portray families in a natural way and without cheesy poses. Cold studio photos are not our thing. We are also not afraid of you expressing yourself as you are. Lets say we know how to do our job. We are interested that when you see the results you feel them real.

mama embarazada con su otro hijo

Family photo & video session in Berlin

We can do whatever you prefer. Spend some time in your place as you play with your children, explore the city looking for adventures, enjoying a day in the park. We are totally open to enjoy the experience with you and to organize with you to make it easier.

cambiando a la wawita antes de dormir

Wow !!! I have no words for the happiness you gave us to see our wonderful life from the outside portrayed by you and your art. They are really talented and everything was so natural that we never felt invaded. You guys nailed. My expectations were high but you guys blew them. Even my mom cried. Thanks for your eternal good vibes. We want nothing more than this memory for our lives. Thank you thank you thank you, we love you very much !!

Tiare Miranda

Our experience documenting

After almost 10 years doing this work, we are very proud to be claimed internationally. We have given conferences and workshops all over the world. We are honored to being awarded several times and being named in some publications. But what satisfy us the most is being able to create a bond and friendship with our couples and families

mamá dándole la pechuga a su guagua

The truth is that we have mixed emotions with the photos, we have gone from absolute joy when we saw the first photo to absolute sadness with the last one. We didn’t want it to end !! They are really beautiful, we loved them. Thank you very much for your time and your professionalism. We will repeat again. When time passes and we look at them again, we will remember that beautiful day when you guys immortalized those emotions.

Francisco Herrera
los papás bañando a la wawi

Reflecting what you are

For us, the best way to do a family photo session is to be yourself. Doing your daily life is when we can observe your world, understand it and enter to document it in the most natural way possible. We do not need to create poses or artificial situations. We are also not interested in those lifeless photos with forced smiles. The important thing for us is that the work reflects 100% who you are.

Dos niños felices en su piscina inflable
Dando de comer al niño

I´m diyiiiinnngg!! Best pictures ever!! I´m on fire!!! You guys are the best!! Thank you thank you thank you!!. We have now a timeless treasure.

Dani Elster

If you are thinking about having a family photo & video session Berlin , we can help you. Check the day we spent in a lake with Tiare and her family here. A courtyard is also a nice place to spent an afternoon, check it here. We hope you like it and get inspired.

Con mucho amore
The Richters