Destination wedding France Photographer



In the last few years we had the chance, the pleasure and the honor to be a destination wedding photographer in France a few times. We love going there, the cheese, the wine, the attitude what else?. Of course we enjoy doing wedding photography and videography. Specially the middle south of the country is the area to get married in such conditions. You have all these beautiful landscapes and for sure, the amazing castles. So let us show a couple of examples of destination weddings in France.

The next video is in Chateau la Durantie , like two hours by car from Bourdeaux or Toulousse. They are a chinese couple living in NYC. Lovely wedding, not many guests. The party started the day before with a welcoming barbacue. Everything was under control, otherwise you know, we can suffer a hungover day which is not good idea.. hehe. The rest of the day was completely sunny (even too warm) and relaxed.

The second video is in Chateau La caniere also same surroundings. We guess this is the castle area, just by driving you can see plenty of them. Absolutely stunning places. These lovely guys also arrived the day before in order to welcome all their beloved ones. Everything was so similar to the wedding above, starting the day with relaxing vibes and increasing the nerves as the day pass. As you can imagine we love being destination wedding France photographer.

This time is about a Paris elopement. Anthony wrote me to explain me everything about his plan. They wanted to make his dream come true so they spent around 3 days in this iconic city. We meet them the day before and spend the afternoon visiting beautiful corners and taking some videos. Finally they got married the next day in a boat just the two of them.

So If you get married I´m sure we can help you with your destination wedding France photographer and video. Don´t hesitate to explore our work here.

With Love,
The Richters.