BODAF wedding photography Conference Barcelona 2018

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BodaF Wedding Photography Conference in Europe is a giant stage. You have to talk in front of 600 people, stand up there is like you are going to give a concert for 600 people , they are waiting what are you going to say. In this time my mom traveled from Chile with my godmother to see me for the first time giving a talk, a lot of pression! but the good thing is the speech is in Spanish, the bad thing is that I talked before Martin Parr`s conference, who ended up inviting us to eat in private to talk about life.

Once on the stage and testing the energy of the audience, we start the show, the premise is to laugh of ourselves, and to give our vision of this work, at the end of the talk Pol Richter climbs and throw condoms to the public! Absolute madness, people standing applauding … amazing energy … so so heavy that next year we will be the hosts of the next BODAF Barcelona.

The show is coming! See the info HERE

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We shared line up here with: Victor Lax, William Lambelet, Martin Parr, Froydis Geithus, Luis Garván, Brian & Alisson Callaway, Sam Hurd among others. 

Thanks for the pictures Eric Parey