bride and groom driving in the highway

Two surfers got married on the beach.

That`s why we love alternative brides, because they don`t get stressed on their wedding day, they enjoy it!. This wedding was the perfect example of what we love, a super relax couple going to surf on their wedding day, after that the rain starts! but they don`t feel panic about it, just enjoyed it.

Fran is a gorgeous bride, she is sexy, fun, she does not feel pressure to wear high heels, she used old vans sneakers instead. Pipe is a pro surfer super relax groom. They got married in the hotel of Fran`s father, so everything was familiar. 

How cute to see Fran & Pipe surfing together, we took a lot of pictures, documenting everything. It`s because you (the couple) make the photos, if you are happy, laughing, making jokes, kissing, enjoying your day, then the photos are beautiful, full of love and laughs! as simple as that.

They were so relax that we done even portraits.

All the family worked in the wedding, decorating the car, tables, flowers, you can feel the love in every detail.

I loved this moment when the bride goes out in the middle of the rain with her dad.

Like a movie, we drove into the rainy day to get to the ceremony, the rain was super heavy.

Hugs with real meaning, with feelings.

The rain finally gave us a little truce!

Wild party, brides with attitude! That`s what we love!

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