alternative brides

Ok, this is the story behind this. We always refused to make wedding styled photoshoots cause we felt that we need real emotions to create something interesting, but one day we met Anne and we decided to make something together anyways.

wedding photoshooot

She was looking to make something alternative here in Berlin and when we heard that, we say let`s do this, let`s try to make something, maybe a little story, something abstract but with a little narrative, LET`S PLAY.

We wanted to do something narrative but finally turned into a more sensory piece, which fitted even better to what we wanted to achive. We wrote a text about freedom and love and Farina recorded it voice over. This text has the mission to give the emotional tone to the video. The mix of images and pictures, would be the perfect imagery. The plan was to show Anne´s dresses in a different way, to create emotions and feelings around the dresses.

We were just the two of us, Anne, Miki and Farina. We did everything, the lighting, the catering, driving, the planning.. everything. Not true, we got an amazing makeup artist Tatiana. It took 1 day to shoot. Half in our flat and the rest in some of our favorite locations in the city.

We used analog for the pictures, medium format and of course 35mm. We are happy with the textures and the colors!! And the dresses look amazing on Farina!!