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It`s no difficult to find a Barcelona Wedding Videographer, because are way too many of them, but we are very proud to say that our work is different, and not in a despective way, in a way that we only want our work to be vivid, with colors, with laughs, with joy, with emotions, nothing posed, we want you can relive that day over and over again.

bride laughing with open mouth

We strongly believe in weddings where people really enjoy their day, when couples dance, laugh and they don`t fall into protocols of the society or the family itself.

bride and groom drinking champagne from the bottle

We love couples who have intense friendships, intense relations with their loved ones; We absolutely LOVE when friends give emotional speeches when bride and groom give each other amazing words, we always cry with that.

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Barcelona is a great place to get married, we can help you with some tips if you want, like our preferred wedding planners to work with Miss little things, La Puta Suegra, Nomades and also some our favorite venues like Arboretum Masjoan It`s an amazing Forrest with gigantic sequoia trees and you can make your ceremony in the middle of this amazing natural cathedral.

bride and groom hug each other in their ceremony
bride and groom the kiss

One thing that is super important when you are going to choose a wedding photographer and videographer is the experience, cause you only going to get married once (we hope) and if the person in charge of your memories doesn’t have the experience… he can lose every moment, he is not going to be in the perfect moments, and you are going to miss those memories.


We are Monica (Barcelona alternative wedding photographer) and Pol (Barcelona wedding videographer). Living in Berlin but traveling the world with our work. Proudly we can say we are internationally acclaimed. Award-winning babes , we gave conferences, wedding workshops, you can read about us in internet. Before The Richters (before we became real life lovers), we had our own websites. My site was Feelandfilm. and Mónica had a project called The wild brides where you can check a lot of weddings. Our stories as the Richters are here .

portrait group shot of the chilean workshop
group picture of the richters workshop in paris 2019
portrait group shot of the parisian workshop

So if you think you are one of us and you are willing to have a free spirit wedding in Barcelona! just CONTACT US!

bride and groom dancing like crazy in a wild wedding party