Alternative weddings

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Alternative weddings

Nowadays is pretty common that couples want to get married in a different way. Not just to make it more personal but to avoid unnecessary traditions and ideas. We are honored to be alternative wedding expert because is the only kind of weddings we document. We are wedding photographer and videographer and we love alternative brides too. Let us share some of common ideas we have seen (and experimented) in our alternative weddings.

Do you want to know how to choose a wedding photographer?. Here you can find plenty of information we’ve collected after 10 years of experience.

alternative Bride and groom having fun

No ceremony?

To have a wedding ceremony is sometimes the pin where everything turns around. It is beautiful and you could do something full of meaning and energy. Religious or mystical, everything is right, but what happen if you decide not to do a ceremony? . We had a wedding where the ceremony was the whole thing, so no particular moment to vows and ring exchange. Just a funny fake consecrated host moment.

Bride and groom eating the consecrated candy host

Rent a place and spend the weekend

We love this because it means relax and fun. To choose your beloved one and spend the weekend together is just the perfect plan. Besides means less stress for everybody since there is no transfers from A to B. Everybody is in the same place. All the weddings that we have made in such scenario were a complete success.

Pool party on Sunday

And talking about renting a place, you have the Sunday brunch. Nothing like survive the hangover with a good brunch. Chilling in the swimming pool or even going wild again for example with a costume party. Its also a nice way to say goodbye after the wedding experience.

guests in a costume pool party after the wedding

Game time

A basketball court, a tattoo corner, rubber duck rain, treasure seeking… Is real fun to experience this kind of games. This type of activities energizes the guests and keep the energy moving. Is good to chill around but not too much to avoid people plop down. Alternative weddings are the best!!

Bride and astronaut groom and color smoke bombs

The food

More and more often we see new ways to understand the food time in a wedding. No more 8 people tables. New trends like one single table or no tables at all. Just food corners with different stuff: japanese , indian, arab, cocktails.. and some sitting corners around so people can talk to each other easily.

alternative bride doing graffittis

Dress for success

No need for white dress anymore if you don´t connect with this tradition. Lately you can see more options. Skirts and tops, pants, jeans… at the end it should be something that represents your personality. This is not a costume party. You can check here some of our alternative brides.

Altenative bride singing in her wedding

The wedding dance

Please, don´t dance if you are not really a good dancer and you enjoy to dance (in public). Otherwise this is the one of the most boring moments of the day. Nothing worse like a couple dancing a waltz but without moving at all, not really enjoying the moment, hoping for the dance to end asap. No need to mention the sequence bride-groom, bride-father, groom-mother, all mixed…. . First you DON´T need to dance at all. Second it doesn´t need to be a Waltz. Instead, if you like dancing , dance something like you really like and enjoy.

What matter is the experience

Yes, in the alternative weddings you don´t find bridezillas or this outdates traditions. This is all about love celebration. Equal partner relantionships where both want to celebrate in their own way. Just make a big party with the beloved ones. The point is to reflect who you are in your wedding and not going though things you don´t connect with.

After 10 year of doing alternative weddings we can say we love them and yes, we are experts doing this. So if you are thinking in getting married let´s talk about. You can check some of these ideas in our work here. We are so honored to have gave conference talks and workshops all around the explaining our vision about alternative weddings.

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