Alicante wedding photographer

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Alicante wedding photographer

Hello, we are Monica and Pol. We are Alicante wedding photographer and videographer. If you are looking for something really unique and special, here we are. We know the area and speak the language natively. Alicante is a really nice area for getting married. You have the beach, the food and the sun. These are the main ingredients.

Bride and groom leaving the wedding ceremony under petals rain in Alicante.

Almost 10 years of experience being wedding photographers Alicante over our shoulders. We are proud to be internationally acclaimed because our work. Conferences and workshops all around the world. You can get info about it here. Also we got some international awards. We got the attention of magazines and media. But the most important thing is we are friends now with all of our couples.

We are ready to create your memories in best possible way. For that, we need to have a connection with you guys. Only when we make a bond, we feel your wedding as if it were ours. We can understand then what is important for you and create the memories in the most emotional and real way. Do you need help about how to choose a wedding photographer?. Read this post we’ve made for you.

Beautiful bride  and handsome groom laughing in their Alicante wedding

We have made weddings all around the world. If you want to take a look to our works go here. Its amazing to travel the world telling love stories and making people happy. Need some info about wedding venues in Alicante?. Then you can check it here.

Yes, we are Alicante wedding photographer but also we do video. We offer a really solid pack. The power of images mixed with the movement, sound and music gives you a huge emotional impact. Our goal is to take you in an emotional journey every time you see our pictures and videos.

So please, if you connect with our style and you like what you see, please contact us. It would amazing to grab a drink, Skype and know about you guys and your wedding. To know details is the best way to start this relationship. We are ready to be your best Alicante wedding photographer (and video).

Con mucho amore,
The Richters.