A London wedding on film

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A wedding on film

We love analog photography. I made my first weddings on film. Actually, we shoot in film (35mm) almost every day). When required we shoot in super 8mm too. Super 8 is a little bit expensive to shoot in daily life but still, we have always a cartridge ready. This post is about the wedding of Elli and Cassy. They both got married in London. As a producer, Cassy is used to looking for stuff and she found us after a deep Instagram research (<—you can follow us). The connection was really quick, an Skype and baaam.

Some warming up: The pre-wedding meeting

It is always good for us to have some previous connection, grab a couple of beers, check the joking level, and have some fun. We visited their home, which by the way is fucking amazing and cool (as they are too). It was an old factory that I don´t remember right now. After some audio interviews, we went to the streets for some shootings. Carry the whole film stuff is tough. Super 8mm, 35mm, medium format.. but yep, to get these analog vibes, you need to suffer.

Henna party

Oh yes, a bit of Henna party too. We loved it all. Free champagne, pizza, garlic bread… The fat guy inside of me was extremely happy. I was the only man at this party but the girls made me feel reaaaally comfortable. Ah yes, I even worked a bit too… Here are some polaroid pictures as a part of the film arsenal.

The wedding day

The day came and first, we visited Elliot. He got a nice old-style room in the Lalit Hotel. His brother and best men were there drinking and supporting the main actor. The red suit, the style, the rock star manners… Elliot. We love our couple have a tremendous attitude, we are motivated x100. A highly stylish groom is always a plus.

The bride

Cassy got ready in her place. All the bridal party was there, including pa and ma. The bridal party was dressed in a color block palette. The Indo-Guyanese ADN was there as you can see in the pictures. She was really stunning. Again, huge charisma people. Special mention: The yoyo kid. Love him! Oh yes, the old factory building was Hartley LTD. A jam factory. A London wedding in film.

A wedding in super 8mm

I need to say shooting a wedding in super 8m is quite an experience. Coming from digital is just another way of thinking and creating the story. It is difficult because you can’t check what you are filming. The analog cartridges only last 2-3 min depending on the fps so you need to think carefully about how your shoots are going to be. The mood you get with super 8 is just amazing, everything looks cuter.

The chapel

The ceremony took place in Asylum. The thing with analog cameras is the light. They are not like the digital ones where you can shoot almost in the darkness. To shoot a wedding on film and super 8mm you need to choose carefully your rolls. The ceremony was really spiritual, which means there was no “official” preacher. There only were pure souls singing in harmony. Carmela Weddings made this looks even better than it usually is.

Time to celebrate. Food.

The place was One Friendly. We love these kind of places, like old factories. Cassy loves burgers so everything was set up for the occasion. The speeches were really intense (in both ways…). The piñata time.. wow. The drag queen show was a bomb. All these analog colors on film OMG!!

Party time

And the party came. Serious dance moves. We love people who dance free. All these learned moves are ok but hey.. when you dance just express yourself like no one is watching you… This is dancing. For that occasion, I chose super 8 Kodak Tri X, a classic. Mónica used HP5, Portra 400, and a couple of Kodak gold. You need to shoot with supporting light to get exposure. Beaautiifuullll analog vibes!!.

And they couldn`t have a normal album

We made this pop-up album for them, we love to make this kind of craft for our couples, the feeling to have something really unique! And it’s so so cute!!!

A london wedding on film conclusions

To shoot a wedding in film is always a risk but what you can get in exchange is priceless. We are so happy with this analogue wedding and all the stuff we got. We also have it in digital. If you are reading this and you want some advice about it or you want to hire us, don’t hesitate to drop us a msg.